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20 October 2017 @ 05:26 pm
This LJ is now:

                                                So comment here to be added!!!!

14 March 2011 @ 08:29 pm


Since I didn't post here the most recent icons I made, I'm compiling them today ^_^'

If you haven't check it and you like the Kwon Twins, Deuk and Don, go see this communityhitechkwontwins
That's where I upload my icons ^_^

Deuk and Don <3Collapse )

Please comment if you are taking and credit properly!!
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31 January 2011 @ 09:21 pm

Here are some Kwon Twins icons I made.

This batch contains icons with BOTH of them. I will post one later with icons of just Deuk or Dony

Twins POWWEEEEERRCollapse )

Please comment if you are taking and credit properly!!
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23 January 2011 @ 09:59 pm

Today I voted for the first time!!!

But of all days it had to be freezing -.-'

Thankfully I didn't have to wait and it was pretty fast!

Then I got home and I decided to make some new icons.

I made about 13 (how funny it was the section I voted in today, I didn't even noticed it ^_^'')

A GD&TOP one (the one I'm using right now) and 12 of the Kwon Twins.

Maybe I will make a post of icons, I don't know..... I have some spare ones...... But I never made a post of it, I don't know if others will like them...... =.=

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09 January 2011 @ 08:29 pm
I always thought my birthday wasn't shared with anyone from the k-pop world, because I never seem to find people with the same birthday as me T.T

Well, today I found two people who do.

The first one is Lee Junki, that right now is serving the mandatory two-year military service in SK.
To be honest I only know one song from him and it's called J-Style.

The other one was born exactly one the same say, year and month as me!! Lol, he was born April 17th, 1992. One site says he was born on 14th April and that's why I never noticed it, all the other sites say April 17th, so that site must be wrong!! He debuted as SM The Ballad but I bet SM is going to put him in a fixed group soon, probably this year or the next. They have two title tracks: "Miss You" and "Hot Times", but since I like the last one better, here it is.

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06 January 2011 @ 05:58 pm
 It's been a while -.-'

But nothing happen lately so I haven't updated.

During the first two weeks of December I went out with a friend a couple of times for some movies and girl-talk, and then I went shopping a bunch of times with my aunt so that she could buy Christmas gifts.

The other two weeks it was Winter Holidays and New Year, nothing big. but I got a bonsai!!!

Then I got sick =.=

But now I'm fine again ^_^

Ohh I bought a book so I can learn korean, can't wait for it to arrive!!

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26 November 2010 @ 04:32 pm

Sorry I haven't updated in a while -.-' but at least I have been updating my twitter, so is not that bad =.='

I'm still having classes in the mornings, so waking up early is not that bad but throughout the day I get really sleepy, even if I drink a cup of coffee when I have classes.

The classes are going to end next week, so then I will have a pretty much free December. And probably begin a new course in January (depending on my school schedules).

P.S. - I have my bottom braces on.

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07 November 2010 @ 05:54 pm


I made a twitter, just because I was bored and got to school too early, ^_^

All the posts here, will be posted with a link there!

The most amusing thing is that members of my family have twitters and I didn't knew it.

No, I don't think I will make a facebook like you anytime soon *looks sideways* =.=


On another note, I just finished my homework *dances around*



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04 November 2010 @ 04:52 pm
Like I was saying on the other post, I've started my Web Standards Course, it's a little bigger than the Photoshop one, this is going to last until the 25th November.

Since now my classes are in the morning (9.30 - 13.30), I start to get really sleepy ^_^'

We have more homework than the Photoshop one as well.....

But it seems like I'm not going to have classes in December, because the next one I want to do would be at night and will start on 22nd of November, but since we don't want to do it at night (a friend and I), we'll have to wait until they make one, so probably January.

So I can just hibernate ^_^'''' More like sending some quality time with my dogs.

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02 November 2010 @ 10:07 pm

Tomorrow I have to go to to the Customs to pick my uncle's gift to my aunt (her birthday was on October 24th), because I had to pay it with my paypal account so it would go to my house and not theirs.

I'm going to stop my teeth expander next friday and I've scheduled when I'm going to put my retainer too......

On another note I've started my web Classes, they are from 9.30 to 13.30, so I'm really sleepy right now ^_^' it's like 22h right now ^_^'''''


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